Adjustable Vee Race with Draft Box



The AusBuilt Adjustable Sheep Vee Race with Draft Box features:

  • Fully sheeted adjustable sides can be changed from Straight to V-Shaped as needed to control sheep flow.
  • Total Vee race and 3-way draft length is 4500mm
  • Internal width is 550mm when open down to 200mm when closed.
  • Height 1000mm
  • Sheeted Vee race length is 3 meters.
  • 3 Way draft gates are 1500mm long to allow most weigh systems to fit in.
  • Option to fit sheep slide gate or tumble swing gate at the start or end of Vee race or in between.
  • 50 x 50mm 2mm SHS main frame construction.
  • Neoprene rubber used between Vee race and draft box on adjustable sides to prevent heads and legs getting stuck.
  • All galvanised steel used
  • Sound deadening on sheeted sides.


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